Shuai Liu,  
Ph.D. Student,
Computing Science Dept.,
University of Alberta, Canada

shuai14 AT
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I am a Ph.D. student of Computing Science at Univeristy of Alberta (UofA) where I am cosupervised by Csaba Szepesvári and Xiaoqi Tan. My current research interest lies in theoretical perspective of Artificial Intelligence and Sequential Decision Making, especially Reinforcement Learning and Bandit algorithms. Before that, I obtained my M.Sc. in Computing Science at University of Alberta under the supervision of Csaba Szepesvári and I obtained Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Harbin Institute of Technology under the supervision of Xianming Liu.




* indicates equal contribution.


Finish the omiited proof of Ellipsoid Method (Theorem 2.4) in Sébastien Bubeck's convex optimization book .